Scripted Colony


A key feature in the design is that the game play is never overshadowed by the programming. The game is always meant to be fun, not become a schoolbook in disguise. You are able to reach higher levels without touching the programming parts of the game. Although you can earn Programming Badges that will require you to write code.

The game is built in Unity, so all world graphics are in full 3D. It takes place in a sci-fi setting, where you colonize planets, build and upgrade buildings and move resources between planets so every citizen can thrive. Terra-forming planets, building new and better Droids, researching new technology in the vast Tech-tree and of course defending against the evil aliens and other players.

Depending on how many of the stretch goals are met, the list of basic features will change, but here is the preliminary list:

Food buildings

12 kinds of food produced and refined in 12 different buildings. Hydroponics created beans. The Bean Masher turns Beans into Hummus. The Bio Chem Lab produces "Meat". "Meat" and Hummus becomes Kebab in the Kebab kitchen.

Unwanted resources

Waste of five different kinds. When the waste facilities flow over people lose happiness and the atmosphere takes damage. Really nasty waste like Uranium damages nearby buildings. On the other hand, some waste can be recycled into new resources.


Flying vehicles that are essential to getting your Colony working. Mostly they move resources from building to building, but also help upgrading them. They are built from smaller parts, like: hull, engines, cargo holds and so on. All buildings will have a little landing site next to them where droids can land.


Send out probes in the terrain and find where the different kinds of minerals are located. Then send drones out with special mining equipment. 5 different kinds of raw materials (not all exist on all planets.) And 5 different kinds of refined material, made in 5 different kinds of buildings.


A vast tech-tree with a lot of different unlocks. Buildings, droids, refinery methods, terra-forming techniques, war space ships, colonization ships, spy techniques and so on. Developing one branch will make another one more expensive or lock it completely.


Write scripts in Python and schedule when they should be started. For example, you might want to run the Empty Trash script every hour.

Internal mail

An in-box where all reports end up. Building damage, Market reports, outcomes of orbital battles, programming tutorials and so on.


A very low learning curve so that even players who have never written a single line of code can keep up. When the Programming Center is built every new level will give you the next chapter of the tutorial.

Programming Badges

To prove that you have been able to automate your colony, activate one of the badges. This will disable all command buttons in the game and you will not be able to issue any orders, only watch as your script does the work. Now your scripts have 24 hours to complete the task.