Scripted Colony


Scripted Colony is a free-to-play persistent base builder game that teaches the player how to program.
It bears some resemblance to Settlers: little flying Drones will carry all your resources back and forth. The added twist is that you can program most of your daily tasks so that they are performed for you. When you have automated your entire colony you can just lean back in your chair and watch how your brain child takes care of itself. This is the joy of programming!

The Swedish Internet Fund has granted us a scholarship, so we will spend the next few months developing this game. Expect to be able to play it in the summer or autumn of 2015.

All the screen shots are from the early proof of concept. A lot of the graphics are there just to give you an idea of what to expect, not to show what the finished product will look like. The GUI will get a complete overhaul and the 3D models will look less like a military base and more like something Nasa could design in the future.

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